Bamboo Forest Penglipuran

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Bamboo Forest Penglipuran

Bali has many bamboo forests in several villages, one of which is in Penglipuran Village in Bangli. This village organizes and manages it seriously, so travelers don’t hesitate to visit. Moreover, the myths of tenget (haunted) are still strong in Bali if they walk in the bamboo forest.

“Do not play near bamboo trees and hide the memedi later,” the old man’s message told his children. Memedi is often symbolized as the guardian spirit of the forest, especially in bamboo forests.

If pondered, the myth is also a strategy so that humans do not dare to damage the forest. The easy way to prevent human pressure on nature, the fewer that enter the forest the safer plants and animals in it. Well, the children are feared so they don’t get lost or get hurt because of sharp bamboo.

Finally only those who have the courage or knowledge have the courage to explore and get new knowledge from the forest. On the bad side, children are not aware of the surrounding natural wealth and are easily fooled if they do not know the contents and benefits of forest ecosystems.

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